RAW Solo & Team Start - Tuesday, June 16th, 2020

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For 10 years RAW has attracted ultracyclists from around the globe to take on the finest terrain the western USA has to offer. Starting in Oceanside, CA and following the first 930 miles of the RAAM route, winding your way through four states, ending up in the cycling mecca of Durango, CO.


Traveling west to east from the sandy beaches of Oceanside, over the Sierra Mountains and into the scorching Mojave and Sonoran deserts and eventually ending up on the Animas River nestled in the Rocky Mountain town of Durango. The route offers the best of the wild west!

Open to all cyclists wishing to race solo, 2- or 4-person teams.  RAW is one of the longest and most challenging of the domestic RAAM qualifying races and is a sizable challenge in its own right. It is quickly becoming a global race, having had over 10 countries represented.

Becoming a RAW finisher means you have successfully pushed yourself to the upper levels in ultracycling.  Wearing the official finisher’s jersey means you have completed an adventure that few cyclists will ever attain.  RAW will stand on its own as one of the crown jewels of ultracycling…don’t miss your opportunity to shine!

Video courtesy of Marco Baloh

2019 Start Date

RAW Solo & Team Start - Tuesday, June 11th, 2019

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